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photographs © Derek Richmond 2008


Stripping for a living has not been in the forefront of my career but sometimes my prerogative as a stylist deems the act necessary.

Rarely does a food shoot inspire nakedness; this one did.  Who could argue that the presence of naked human flesh wouldn’t add to the tableau afore us?  Bedeck a table with ham bones, lamb legs, deer skulls, poussin and dead morning doves, the female form must surely figure itself in there too?  Upon my suggestion and with certain aplomb I climbed upon the already heavily laden table and laid myself bare.

We were working with the Flemish in mind, along with the brilliance of Greenaway’s ‘The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover’. Four days later, with a studio full of rancid meat (and a very lucid dog) we had our story.  Here is a taste of it.