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photographs © J. Lowe



Following my recent and virgin morel experience (posted earlier) I have now been granted the special place amongst friends as the receiver of a morsel of morel from their private hunts. A precious little bag of 4 sturdy morels, about 4″ in length were given to me the other day. Oh joy of joys.

Last time I wrote about them I said I was going to do a creamy pillowy pasta dish but I would rather make the pasta by hand for that and the evening was so lovely and the outdoors was calling and the grill was beckoning……so I decided to stuff them, since they have a conveniently hollow core. Hmm, so is it goat cheese, is it spinach and ricotta, is it crabmeat a la Emeril?

What ho, I was in a new to me supermarket in my small town and they had Haloumi…..I have been longing for this cheese for ages.

Turns out that Haloumi and morels are fantastic together. Haloumi is salty and chewy. Morels are earthy and meaty. The two combined are like a rustic panini, the cheese adding the right amount of oil and the mushroom soaking up that said unctuousness. I added a sprig of fresh thyme and drizzled a teeny amount of garlic vinaigrette on the morel before placing on the bbq for a matter of minutes. 

Along with these I made prosciutto wrapped asparagus. The asparagus being got from my csa delivery last Wednesday.  What a beautiful bag of goodness.  As well as the spears, it included mixed spring lettuce, crisp sweet radish and baby spinach. I am so lucky to be able to have access to locally grown produce like this but, get this, I also collect it every week from the independent brew pub across the road!


I am also fortunate to work as a food stylist, such that I have the pleasure of tasting gourmet goodies every now and then, some of which I would hardly bestow upon myself even if I had the means.  Yes I admit I am granted the pleasure of a soupçon here and a plateful there;  for me to take that home is bounty.  

So, the asparagus, wrapped in prosciutto, grilled and drizzled with an aged balsamic must from Italy.

Pleasures like that in life are better in small doses.  They make for longing.