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All photos © J. Lowe 2008

Oh woe is me, I have a cold.  I awoke Sunday morning with the sun streaming in my window and I felt wretched.  Before deciding to spend the day wallowing in self pity, which is a perfectly acceptable option mind you, I instead chose to deal with the matter in a more British stiff upper lip fashion.  I have a glut of food in the fridge which are in need of far more attention than my poor self.  I also have another of my lovely organic chickens and what better than chicken to feed the sniffling soul?

Mini Bartlett pears from Kismet Organic Farm, apples, purple potatoes, garlic and red onions are the Michigan bounty before you.

Now what to do with the chicken?  Since I love to take pictures as much as I love to cook I wanted to let the chicken do its’ thing whilst I concentrated on photographing the rest of the meal.  A one pan wonder of roasted goodness seemed ideal so I took my box of bounty and added curry powder, star anise and cardamon.  I need something fragrant to filter through my stuffy nose.

Bake chicken at 425 for half an hour then turn down temp to 325 until internal temp reads 165 then let it sit for 20 mins.  Baste it every 20 minutes.  You can cook the vegetables and fruit all at once in the pan for some great caramelised stuff or for prettiness, cook them separately and garnish afterward.